Il Padre

Performance: Paul Regan as The Pope from No New Idols by La Pocha Nostra, VestAndPage, Francesca Carol Rolla and collaborators, Riga Sculpture Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga LV, 2019. Photo: Linda Kaposta.

Excerpts from LXVI. Out of Service
from Thus Spake Zarathustra by Nietzsche

I was seeking the pious man, a saint and an anchorite, who, alone in his forest, had not yet heard of what all the world knoweth at present.”

“WHAT doth all the world know at present?” asked Zarathustra. “Perhaps that the old God no longer liveth, in whom all the world once believed?”

“Thou sayest it,” answered the old man sorrowfully. “And I served that old God until his last hour.

Now, however, am I out of service, without master, and yet not free; likewise am I no longer merry even for an hour, except it be in recollections.

Therefore did I ascend into these mountains, that I might finally have a festival for myself once more, as becometh an old pope and church-father: for know it, that I am the last pope! A festival of pious recollections and divine services.

Now, however, is he himself dead, the most pious of men, the saint in the forest, who praised his God constantly with singing and mumbling.

Photo: Linda Kaposta.