Born in Dublin, 1970.
Education: IADT Dublin, 2010, MA in Visual Arts Practices [MAVIS].
COMAD DIT Dublin, 1989-1993, AdvDip Visual Communication.

SuperNato V, Snopkivsʹkyy Park, Lviv (UA), 2022.
SuperNato IV
, NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Tallinn (EE), 2022.
SuperNato III
, Pronkssõdur [Bronze Soldier], Tallinn (EE), 2022.
, [collaborative with AnimaeNoctis], St. Kevin’s Park, Dublin (IE), 2021.
SuperNato II
, Overlapping Kassel, Orangerie, Kassel (DE), 2022.
, Overlapping Kassel, Waldau, Kassel (DE), 2022.
Host, Overlapping Kassel, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Haus, Universität Kassel, (DE), 2022.
SuperNato, Overlapping Kassel, Königs-Galerie and Fridericianum, Kassel (DE), 2022.
, Eco-Suites Art Residency, Tristinika (GR), 2022.
, PAB Open, Bergen (NO), 2022.
Dublin (IE), 2021.
Talhiya Lapse 14
, Dublin Alive, Dublin (IE), 2021.
Breaking Cover: Art and Ecology Encounters
, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (IE), 2021.
Step 2
, Spill Yer Tea #5, Performance N’ Tha, Liverpool (UK), 2021.
eve, Performance Crossings, Studio ALTA, Prague (CZ), 2021.
Step 2
, Breaking Cover: Art and Ecology Encounters, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (IE), 2021.
On in-between,
 Dublin: The Liminal Space for Culture Night, river Liffey, Dublin (IE), 2020.
Consecration, Performance Crossings, Prague (CZ), 2020.
Venice International Performance Art Week CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Dissenting Bodies Marking Time
, Palazzo Mora European Cultural Centre, Venice (IT), 2020.
Shall We Meet Again
, [collaborative with Zoncy], Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (DE), 2019.
Talhiya Lapse 13 [Service and pseudo-service under the sovereignty of the good principle, or: Religion and Pfaffentum]
, Performensk, Zair Azgur Museum, Minsk (BY), 2019.
, C32 Performance Art Workspace, Venice (IT), 2019.
No New Idols
, with La Pocha Nostra, VestAndPage, Francesca Carol Rolla and collaborators, Riga Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga (LV), 2019.
Talhiya Lapse 12, Performance Crossings, Metronom, Prague (CZ), 2019.
Talhiya Lapse 11 “Justicia”
, The Eastern Question, Sofia Underground, National Palace of Culture, Sofia (BG), 2019.
Talhiya Lapse 10, Evoluon, Eindhoven (NL), 2019.
Talhiya Lapse 5
, Urban Somatollogies, NEXUS, ARTerial Performance Lab (APLAB) @ Art Basel Miami (USA), 2018.
Talhiya Lapse 9, Ocean Drive, Art Basel Miami (USA), 2018.
, La Sala de las Bestias, Barcelona (CAT), 2018.
Perception of the Self, C32 Performance Art Workspace, Venice (IT), 2018.
Il Padre, Fontana Pretoria, Palermo (IT), 2018.
Talhiya Lapse 6, The Inaugural International Autonomous Biennale (Cf) for GradCAM @ The Research Pavilion, Venice (IT), 2017.
Talhiya Lapse 5.1, [collaborative with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens] in Cuddling Athens, Documenta 14, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR), 2017.
Talhiya Lapse 5, Veikou Park, Athens (GR), 2017.
Talhiya Lapse 3, The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia (ESP), 2016.
Talhiya Lapse at FAKE, IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Valencia (ESP), 2016.
Talhiya Lapse 2, Pavilion of Reflections, Manifesta 11, Zurich (CH), 2016.
Talhiya Lapse, Cabaret Voltaire, Manifesta 11, Zurich (CH), 2016.

The Holy Blind, Filmbase, Dublin (IRL), 2006.
Paintings / Prints, Phoenix Park Visitor Centre, Dublin (IRL), 2006.
Incarnation, Filmbase, Dublin (IRL), 2005.
16th Microsoft Ireland Art Exhibition, Microsoft European Operations Centre, Dublin (IRL), 2004
Animal, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick (IRL), 2003.
Atlantica, Europ’Art Gallery, Pittsburgh (USA), 2002.
Parade Part 2, Galway Arts Centre, Galway (IRL), 2002.
Parade, 5th @ Guinness Storehouse, Dublin (IRL), 2002.
“I art.”, Space 28, Dublin (IRL) 1999-2000.
from New York to L.A., The Front Lounge, Dublin (IRL), 1998.
Spiritual Dentist, The Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Dublin (IRL), 1998.
Big Money, The Front Lounge, Dublin (IRL), 1995.
Solo Works, City Arts Centre, Dublin (IRL), 1994.

Heart Attack, Sauna Gallery, Helsinki, (FI), 2023.
, Live Art Ireland, (IE), 2022.
The Inaugural International Autonomous Biennale (Cf) for GradCAM @ The Research Pavilion
, Venice (IT), 2017.
Nasty Women UK, Stour Space, London (UK), 2017.
Halftone, The Library Project, Dublin (IRL), 2016.
Manifesta 11,  Zurich (CH), 2016.
Memento, Standard Galería y Estudios, Valencia (ESP), 2016.
ÉIGSE, Visual: Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow (IRL), 2015.
5th New Living Artists Exhibition, Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin (IRL), 2014.
Public Gesture: Pirate Capital, The LAB, Dublin (IRL), 2010.
Public Gesture, The LAB, Dublin (IRL), 2009.
Iontas Exhibition, Sligo Art Gallery, Sligo (IRL), 2007.
Treat, Talbot Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 2006.
Group Show, Wicklow County Council, Wicklow (IRL), 2004.
Nurture, AMHNCH, Dublin (IRL), 2004.
Draw / Drawing, Gallery 32, London (UK), 2004.
Arrival, Waterford Regional Hospital, Waterford (IRL), 2003.
Do-Don’t / Can-Can’t, School of Fine Art, Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town, (SA).
Iontas Exhibition, Sligo Art Gallery, Sligo; Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown; Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick (IRL), 2003.
Summer Group Show, Lead White Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 2003.
The National Gallery, The Return (Goëthe Institute Inter Nationes), Dublin, 2003.
Permaculture, Project, Dublin (IRL), 2003.
Art 2003 London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, London (UK), 2003.
Heaven on Earth (ART+action), Rubicon Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 2002.
Art of the Possible, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 2002.
Artistamps Exhibition, Central Palace of the Argentine Mail Office, Buenos Aires (ARG), 2002.
5th International Conference on Visual Poetry, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires (ARG), 2002.
Witness and Response, The Library of Congress’ Great Hall, Washington DC (USA), 2002.
Fresh Art, Business Design Centre, London (UK), 2002.
Buoy, Project, Dublin (IRL), 2002.
Ciclo, Riciclo, triciclo… Segni d’Arte Tra Sociale e Ludico, Instituto Ferrini, Verbania-Pallanza (IT), 2002.
Reactions, Exit Art, New York (USA), 2002.
Art-pack, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 2002.
World Festival of Art on Paper and International Art, Cesta Talcev, Ljubljana (SLO), 2001.
Microsoft IRL Art Collection – 11th Exhibition, Microsoft European Development Centre, Dublin (IRL), 2000.
Freeze 98 — (A Winter Projection Festival), Arthouse Multimedia Centre for the Arts, Dublin (IRL), 1998.
Industria Art First Biannual Contemporary Art Show, Clifton Hall, Dublin (IRL), 1998.
Taispeántas Ealaíne an Oireachtas II, Portlaoise Prison, Portlaoise (IRL), 1998.
Taispeántas Ealaíne an Oireachtas, Guinness Hopstore, Dublin (IRL), 1998.
LOGOS Third National Art Competition — Finalists’ Exhibition, LOGOS Art Gallery, London (UK), 1997.
Spectrum, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 1997.
The Day the Music Died, Lubbock Fine Arts Center, Lubbock (USA), 1997.
Art Garden, Blackshaw Art Garden, Huddersfield (UK), 1996.
Project Paper Road, Post Denmark Headquarters, Copenhagen (DEN), 1996.
I Love You, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 1995.
Selected Works, Harrison Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 1995.
Placemats Extradordinaire, Avenue for the Arts Society, Vancouver (CAN), 1995.
Essence, Queensland College of Art Gallery, Brisbane (AUS), 1995.
Artistamp Collection, The Centre of Arts, Wellen (BEL), 1995.
Corrida! Otaku Gallery, Southampton (UK), 1994.
It’s a Myth, Bunnell Street Arts Center, Homer (USA), 1994.
Sixteen by Twelve Exhibition, Pantheon Gallery, Dublin (IRL), 1993.
Women’s Aid Exhibition, City Arts Centre, Dublin (IRL), 1993.
Taylor Exhibition, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin (IRL), 1993.
4th Bienniale of European Academies, Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre, Maastricht (NL), 1993.
Imago, Irish Life Exhibition Centre, Dublin (IRL), 1993.
Human Rights Stamp Exhibition, Tokyo Postal Department, Tokyo (JAP), 1993.

State Collection, Office of Public Works (IRL).
The Library of Congress’ Acquisitions, Washington DC (USA).
The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (IRL).
Goëthe Institute Inter Nationes (IRL).

Irish Arts Council Agility Award, 2022.
Culture Ireland for Overlapping Kassel, 2022.
Culture Ireland for PAB Open, 2022.
Irish Arts Council Agility Award, 2021.
Irish Arts Council Covid-19 Crisis Response Award, 2020.
Irish Arts Council Travel and Training Award, 2020.
Irish Arts Council Travel and Training Award, 2018.
Microsoft IRL Art Collection Award, 2004.
Irish Cultural Relations Committee Exhibition Grant, 2002.
Irish Arts Council Travel / Mobility Award, 2002.
Irish Arts Council Materials Grant, 2000.
Irish Arts Council Artflight, 1999.
Irish Arts Council Travel Award, 1997.
Irish Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary, 1994.